Tanjiro Kamado – Know about this character in Element

Tanjiro Kamado&nbspis a person of the playable characters in Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles. He&rsquos the primary protagonist of the tale and he attacks employing h2o respiratory methods.

Abide by IGN&rsquos tutorial to know much more about this character, including his particular moves, recommendations, and much more!

Tanjiro General Information

  • Entire identify:&nbspTanjiro Kamado.

  • Age:&nbsp16.

  • Top:&nbsp5&rsquo5&rsquo&rsquo.

  • Excess weight:&nbsp134 lb.

  • Birthday:&nbspJuly 14th.

  • Voice Actor:&nbspNatsuki Hanae.

Tanjiro is the major protagonist in Demon Slayer. His relatives was murdered by demons with the exception of his sister Nezuko &mdash who grew to become a demon herself. Immediately after that event, Tanjiro started schooling to come to be a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, an group that battles towards demons. He&rsquos seeking for a solution for her sister, and to place an conclusion to Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon that killed his relatives.

Tanjiro Unique Moves

Like each individual other fighter, Tanjiro has a few particular assaults using the ability button, and one particular Top Artwork. His moves rely on his&nbsph2o respiration procedure&nbspand they protect a wonderful array.

His&nbspskill assaults&nbspare the pursuing ones:

  • Eighth Sort: Waterfall Basin&nbsp(ability button): it produces a waterfall attack that hits various instances.

  • Second Sort: H2o Wheel&nbsp(talent button + tilting the remaining adhere to any route): an assault in a straight line though the character generates a wheel of drinking water.

  • Sixth Variety: Whirlpool&nbsp(maintain guard button + skill button): Tanjiro creates a whirlpool and leaves the enemy in the air.

His&nbspTop Artwork:

  • Tenth Variety: Constant Flux&nbsp(correct trigger when you have at the very least a person special bar): a sequence of hits that finishes with a water dragon assault.

Tanjiro Recommendations and Tricks

  • Tanjiro is the first character you will use in the&nbspPrologue&nbspand a single of the to start with that you will unlock. He&rsquos a rather obtainable fighter with straightforward combo assaults and routes.

  • Waterfall Basin&nbspcan be performed in the air and is a very good finisher even though undertaking an aerial combo.

  • Use&nbspWhirlpool&nbspto end your combos and throw your enemy absent.

  • H2o Wheel&nbspis an excellent shift to punish your opponent when they assault before you. Then, you can carry on your combo anyplace you want.

  • Whilst staying a supporting character,&nbspDrinking water Wheel&nbspis a handy support that leaves the opponent in the air.

Basic combo route:&nbspBasic assault x4 -&gt Eighth Variety: Waterfall Basin -&gt Second Sort: Drinking water Wheel -&gt Sixth Kind: Whirlpool.

Tanjiro Variations

This is the only playable character that has two alternate variations in the sport: Academy Tanjiro and Hinokami Tanjiro.

The first a single only adjustments his physical appearance, sound outcomes, and Greatest Art. The relaxation of the moves are the same as the original Tanjiro. Even so, directory is a brand name new character in conditions of moves.

Hinokami Tanjiro

This is a edition of Tanjiro that you&#39ll unlock when you finish&nbspChapter eight – Mugen Educate. He has a a lot more aggressive established of moves and he makes use of yet another breathing strategy: hearth.

His&nbspexclusive moves&nbspare the types under:

  • Cross Slash&nbsp(ability button): two consecutive blows with a major variety.

  • Scorching Hurry&nbsp(ability button + tilting the remaining stick to any route): 5 attacks in a row, related to Cross Slash.

  • Phoenix Flash&nbsp(maintain guard button + ability button): Tanjiro gets to be invisible for a next and attacks in mid-air with a speedy reduce.

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