Managing Stress with Effective Self-Care

Research local twelve step meetings days/times for the areas that your client will be visiting. Many recovery clubhouses and twelve step meetings often have a designated holiday schedule consisting of hourly meetings and special celebrations for the recovery community. Connect with friends in recovery – Keep other people in recovery on speed dial or at the top of your texts.

reframing holidays in early recovery

If there’s no one you can lean on in person, have at least one person you can call or text when you’re in need. Have them call you if you need an excuse to leave a conversation that may trigger you. We extend a team ideology into all facets of treatment. Our recovery team and our clinical team work hand-in-hand to address all your needs. We are Constantly Bombarded by Negativity – With headlines day-in and day-out like, “COVID Death Toll Surpasses Vietnam War,” it takes more work to maintain a positive outlook. Even one headline, in passing, can activate a stress response. If there’s a relationship that could be better, don’t hesitate to make the first move toward a resolution.

Happy Sober Holidays 2020 Bay Area and Northern California

My experience at Casa Palmera rescued me from a very dark time in my life. My expectations were consistently exceeded by the expertise of the staff, the content of the program, and the overall respect and care I was treated with. I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from drug or alcohol dependency. Journaling is a great way to help you stay present and vent your feelings. You can keep track of the days in creative ways like bullet journaling, a personalized journaling method that can be extremely artistic or simple, depending on your preferences.

  • Rebuilding physical strength is a good first step to calm shattered emotions.
  • When you make a plan prior to St. Patrick’s Day, you’ve reduced some of that cognitive load, which gives you a better chance of staying sober than trying to figure out a plan the day of.
  • Perhaps at the start of the holiday meal, ask everyone to talk about what food they like best and why.
  • At Cottonwood Tucson, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the uncertain waters of life with strength and joy.
  • There are a variety of reasons why your days may not be merry and bright around the holiday season.

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Tips for Low Stress WFH Schooling While Maintaining Sobriety

It may also help to give people a heads up that you may need to leave a party or gathering early if you become uncomfortable. In treatment, you learned the value of support groups, and they can also help you stay sober during holidays like St. Patrick’s Day. During this holiday, a great way to stay sober is to be with others who are also staying sober. There are plenty of fun things you can do without having a single sip of alcohol. One of the most reframing holidays in early recovery common misconceptions about people in recovery is that they don’t have fun, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. On St. Patty’s Day, you and your friends in recovery can get together to cook, watch movies, and even make alcohol-free drinks with some green coloring to get into the holiday spirit. Stress management is a key component to mental and emotional health, especially if you’re in recovery from alcohol use or substance use disorder.

  • But you can’t gain and keep on weight from one meal and within the span of one day.
  • If you’re in that position right now, know that it’s okay to be having a hard time and that experts do have some guidance and encouragement that might help make getting through it just a little bit easier.
  • The reality is that some people are introverted, and many introverts developed a substance abuse problem to try and conform to people who always go out and party.
  • We dream about the ways the holidays are supposed to be, which can be a dangerous perspective.

Recovering from an eating disorder requires a lot of unlearning and reframing. You have to reframe your relationship with food and your body, and then comes another big challenge… reclaiming exercise. If exercise was only a means to a smaller body or a punishment for eating before, it can seem impossible to start working out again without those ideas coming back up to the surface. While reframing exercising can be a big challenge, you are not alone. As you move forward in your exercise journey after eating disorder recovery, here are some things to consider. The holidays can be stressful for all of us—and with celebrations looking very different this year due to the pandemic, possibly more so than usual. Two more ways to stay the course are 1.) prioritization and 2.) reframing.

Plan Ahead

We may not want to fit our cogs back in the same rusty machine. While change is an exciting prospect, it also feels exhausting and scary, and the waiting period is the worst. We are stuck in a hallway between two doors, feeling our way along the walls in search of some sense of definition. Talk out and identify high-stress people and situations. Knowing if a family or friend member is prone to talk about food, weight, diets, etc., you can plan to have an exit plan not to engage them in conversation. Stress management tools for people in recovery over a sober Christmas include managing both good and bad stress levels, mindfulness, having a support system, self-care, and cognitive reframing. Sober Recovery – This worldwide online forum is a place where people with substance use disorders can find assistance and helpful information from other people in recovery.

reframing holidays in early recovery

So, instead of keeping slip ups to yourself, tell someone else. For example, you might think something like, “If I eat this food, I’ll gain five pounds.” This thought could be so distressing and triggering that you avoid the food altogether. Designate at least one support person to confide in and keep you company. The self-care app, Shine, also talks about reframing “your reference point for success”. We are in Survival Mode – It’s hard to be productive when your brain is constantly hijacked by thoughts like, “Oh no! ” To some degree, we are all living under constant threat, and we expend a lot of mental energy maintaining our hypervigilance.

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